NCTS is a high new technical company,we focus on research and development of lead acid battery. Beside, we sell full range of different capacity 12 voltage,5,7,9,12,18 and 40 ampere.

Storage Battery is used mainly in UPS electric power; Telecommunication; Solar or wind power system; Aerospace and navigation; Bank and medical system; Rail transit; Military area and so on.

Our batteries earned a high reputation all over the world. We sell batteries to European market;Asia market; Africa market and Middle East market, what is more, they all received high compliment from customer.


Our Products.

  • BATTERY 12V 5A
  • BATTERY 12V 7A
  • BATTERY 12V 9A
  • BATTERY 12V 12A
  • BATTERY 12V 18A
  • BATTERY 12V 25A
  • BATTERY 12V 40A